Ninja Girls

Alt title: Rappi Rangai

Vol: 9; Ch: 48
2005 - 2011
3.763 out of 5 from 352 votes
Rank #14,723
Ninja Girls

The horn growing from Raizo’s forehead is proof that he’s the lost illegitimate son of the once-mighty Katana family. Now a band of loyal and lovely female ninjas devises a scheme to elevate their newfound master to greatness. But does this shy outcast have what it takes to rule the kingdom and deal with a bevy of beautiful ninja girls?

Source: Kodansha

Content Warning

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That horn is proof enough that you're my master~ Kagari a kunoichi from Ninja Girls/Rappi Rangai ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WARNING THIS SERIES MAY CONTAIN HOT GIRLS AND FAN SERVICE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My story Did I ever mention that I am guy? Yeah I usually travelled to the local chapters with old room mate when I was in college and I have seen this particular manga on the shelf and browsed it twice and that third time I said I want to check this out, and I normally had a few dollars to spare so I picked this manga up on a whim What I like Well the artwork presented with the girls of course, this manga is filled with fanservice with hot girls strewn throughout the manga, the main girl is quite likeable in my opinion, and so is the other one and even the male kunoichi, I won't say who they are but they are quite the trio of kunoichi who follow around this kid who is their supposed master trying to rebuild his clan and rule alternate Feudal Japan, this is a good manga and one of the few read. What I Dislike The protagonist, I am not a fan of indecisive and whiny characters, while he is a decent character at times he is the middle man who doesn't want to cause trouble. ALL in ALL I like this manga and wish it would have seen more attention to be turned into an animeso I can appreciaite the artwork of the girls.... yeah oh AND the scenery >__> heh heh heh fooled 'em (oh yeah I know they are manga characters drawn with a pencil... but damn if they finely drawn ink!) Hilarious Outake~ Sonic from Sonic for hire"Ah, the Hanged Man. Sometimes you want to be where everybody knows your name." ~Isabela from Dragon Age II

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