Nijigahara Holograph

Vol: 1; Ch: 12
2003 - 2005
4.134 out of 5 from 538 votes
Rank #2,535
Nijigahara Holograph

Even as butterflies ominously proliferate in town, the rumor of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school spreads among the children. When the body of Arié Kimura's mother is found by this tunnel's entrance, next to apparently human traces, the legend seems to be confirmed. Is the end of the world coming? In order to appease the wrath of the beast, the children decide to offer it a sacrifice: The unfortunate Arié, whom they believe to be the cause of the curse, is shoved into a well that leads to the Nijigahara tunnel — an act that in turns pushes Komatsuzaki, the budding thug who has carried a torch for Arié for a while already, entirely over the edge.

Source: Fantagraphics

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4L3x Jul 11, 2014
Score 8/10

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casandra29 May 7, 2016
Score 6.5/10

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