Nihonkoku Shoukan

Alt title: Japan Summons

Vol: 6+; Ch: 34+
2018 - ?
4.029 out of 5 from 195 votes
Rank #9,818
Nihonkoku Shoukan

In the Great Orient, lies the continent called Rodenius. One day, an unidentified flying object arrived at Qua-Toyne Principality’s airspace. The unidentified flying object defied the Principality’s common sense. But that unidentified flying object was just a harbinger of something even more shocking. Far to the eastern sea, a group of islands suddenly appeared. The country of the islands called itself: Japan. According to them, their nation had been transported to another world.Now finding themselves separated from their old world and must survive in the new one, how will Japan interact with the native countries of this world? Will they greet her as a friend or as an enemy?

Source: MU

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Why send individual people into another world, if you can send the whole Japan islands? The closest series to this one is Gate, but this one manages to be different and dare I say more interesting. The settings of the new world seem in the beginning to be typical middle age fantasy with humans, elfs and other races, but that is not the case. It has pretty interesting world. It seems the whole world is mix of various nations, which were summoned at one point in the history. You have Napoleon era French Empire alike nation with muskets and cannons, middle eastern nations wielding scimitars, early twentieth century country and even kingdom being basically Japan at the time of shogunate. Twenty-first century Japan is thrown into the mix as it tries to establish its place in the new world. It has focus on diplomacy and war like the Gate series had, except it doesn’t downplay itself with obvious waifu characters or particular MC on the Japan’s side. It has the same glorification of the military vibes. In this world there is magic as well and the daemon lord [1] with his hordes of goblins, orcs and other vicious creatures. It does portray various heinous war atrocities on the part of less developed kingdoms or on the side of the daemon lord. Daemon lord and his hordes are treating humans as cattle. They eat them. Japan military aka self-defence forces are here to save the day. Speaking of story there is no particular single main character. It’s more like following episodes concerning certain events from the viewpoint of few characters. It has lot of military action. It has bit of mystery behind the history, because there are hints there was some advanced civilization in the past. The Japan has to get necessary resources as other try to align themselves with this new superpower. Visually the manga aims for more realistic art style. The military and overall technology is drawn in detail. Overall, I had fun going through the manga so far. If you like military battles in Gate series, you are going to enjoy this series as well. Just keep in mind there are some rather gruesome parts. Japanese difficulty 7/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores) This series doesn’t have furigana. The text volume is around medium level. However, the sentences tend to use complicated words and made-up terminology. This series always felt to be on the harder side. I do not recommend the series for beginners. This review is written after reading 6 volumes (all existing at the time). Spoilers [1] They manage to destroy him rather too quickly, but is he truly dead? I don’t know.

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