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Nice To Meet You
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Dec 18, 2022


So I've been reading this romance Webtoon since it came out from the very beginning where it was all about Daze and Mew who are completely polar opposite's. Then came Wyn who is pretty much the same personality  as Mew and don't get me wrong, he is super cute also (normally don't say that a lot about the third wheelers) but I wouldn't put him and Mew together. They literally were copy/paste of each other like it was ridiculous how the author gave us a sudden timeskip of 3 years and made Daze gave Up on Mew completely. We then get Micky who was the most ignorant unlikeable p**ck I've ever had to suffer whenever I saw him. The way he treated Mew was like so scummy, I mean I actually would've shipped him with Daze if he wasn't so annoying and a pretty pointless character to begin with. It was like make him a school bully really. 

I'm not happy with the ending, it just wasn't the way I wanted...

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Apr 21, 2023

Not gonna lie it took me so long to finish this webtoon cuz i kept on dropping it then continuing like 2 months later

Its a good romance webtoon but really rushed, especially at the end, the author just condensed 20 chapters worth of development into 1.

Its your typical shoujo but the 2nd male lead is actually endgame, which I like cuz we dont see that happening alot

 *spoilers* Something I didnt get was why Daze rejected her? His reasons were stupid lol and he never made the effort to actually treat Mew right, someone like that wouldnt be a proper BF so yeah I get why she picked Wyn at the end

But Id recommend it even if it was rushed, I mean its not bad, just something readable to pass time when youre procrastinating, the ending wasnt bad too, just didnt get the character development I wanted.

6/10 story
7/10 art
6.5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Mar 6, 2023


I just finished reading it, and to say that it had a satisfying ending would be an absolute lie. The conclusion was a bit underwhelming and sort of feels rushed.

The story started out great, Season 1 highlighted the budding romance between Mew and Daze. They had so much chemistry and had a lot of cute moments together. Season 2 comes by and alas, we were introduced to the dilemma of having a love triangle, including Wyn in the picture now. It was a bit weird at first, since Wyn was practically the "wingman" and was shipping the two A LOT back in Season 1. But still, I welcomed the idea of having Wyn as a potential love interest. 

All throughout Season 2, it felt like Daze was slowly being brushed off and put to the side to make way for his best friend Wyn and Mew. Daze and Mew liked each other, this was pretty evident in Season 1! Daze just had to reject her due to his unfair and hectic circumstances... (He and his family was having financial problems since his mom got hospitalized and he had to work multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet, he didn't think it'd be a great time to date since he can't give his full attention to Mew). He's always been so understanding and selfless, that he can't even prioritize his own happiness. It is so sad. 

I don't hate the end game couple. I liked Wyn a lot. It was adorable seeing him crushing on Mew and realizing his romantic feelings for the first time. He was lovely and I rooted for him as well. (You can't help but feel for the 2 male leads since both of them are so nice) But Mew and Daze being together made much more sense to me. That's right, Daze was not the end game. It felt like, the whole build-up of Mew and Daze's relationship in Season 1 was all for nothing. My heart hurts for Daze. 

Maybe it could've turned out better if the ending was executed well. It just feels so rushed with all the sudden time skip going on. And maybe some closure as well, at least with the "assumed" end game couple. Mew and Daze didn't even utter a single word to each other up until the very end :')

7/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jan 8, 2023

I'm supper disappointed. The love tringle was totally unwanted! The only good thing about this is wyn! I had great expectations,but oh well nothing to do

5/10 story
7.5/10 art
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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Sep 20, 2022

Nice art, but it annoys me that the author has to include a love triangle with Wyn. Why though??? It's not like Wyn wants to end his friendship with Daze just because he also likes Mew. There was no actual reason to include Wyn liking Mew too. Wyn could have stayed as just the supportive friend who likes video games, but no, the author had to include Wyn liking Mew for no reason. If a "love triangle" actually contributes to the plot, fine, but it feels like the author made Wyn like Mew for no reason other to highlight how "cute" and "sweet" Mew is. Having Wyn being a (not really) love rival to Daze and having feelings for Mew comes at the expense of his character. It feels like the only reason the author did this was to "flesh out" Wyn's character, as if being in love with someone is the only way to make your characters better???

That's another thing. If you look past the art and "plot", you'll find that the characters are sort of one dimensional. Yes, the author attempts to give them backstory, like Daze having to grow up quickly, Mew and her brother having to support themselves without parents, etc. but it feels mostly shallow. Mew is this "cute, sweet, girl that everyone likes", with no flaws other than she's maybe too optimistic, impulsive, naive, etc., but again, these are treated as more of making her seem "eccentric" and "not like other girls". Heck, the story even starts off with Mew deciding to switch her school ID with a random stranger's (Daze's) at the lost and found??? For some reason??? In real life, if you met someone like that, you'd be annoyed with them and never want to deal with them again, not "fall in love with them". 

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
7/10 overall