Nibelungen no Yubiwa (Erika MIYAMOTO)

Alt title: The Ring of the Nibelung (Erika MIYAMOTO)

Vol: 4
2000 - 2002
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Nibelungen no Yubiwa (Erika MIYAMOTO)

There exists a powerful artifact called the Ring of the Nibelung, which can be found in the hidden depths of the sea guarded by nymphs. According to legend, the owner of the ring will get an enormous power that can challenge even the gods. Siegfried, who grew up in the woods with the blacksmith Mime, is accustomed to a harsh life of fighting to survive. When Mime is killed by a soldier, he embarks on his destined journey to find the Ring, fueled by vengence. Along the way he meets Woden, the god of thunder, and his daughter Brunilde, with whom he falls in love.

Source: MU

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