Neko-senpai to Nekokaburi-kun - Custom lists

Neko-senpai to Nekokaburi-kun
  • Popular Deskmate is A Cat
  • I’ll Work Hard as a Cat Today
  • My Boyfriend Is A Stray Cat?
  • Just for a Meowment
  • Poop Manager: Praise The Cat Lord

Cat Transformation Manga and Webtoons by AnnaSartin

Stories featuring people who have been transformed into cats, cats who have been transformed into humans, and cat shifters (also known as werecats) who can change back and forth between both forms. Webtoons are listed first...

  • Amagami wo Kimi ni
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi (Light Novel)
  • Aigan Neko no Yuuwaku
  • Aigan Kitty

Catboy BL by AnnaSartin

Yaoi and shounen-ai featuring cat shifters, cat youkai, cat gods, and guys with cat (or wild cat) ears. For lovers of cat and "nekomimi" BL!

  • Anata no Shimobe
  • Ameagari no Bokura ni Tsuite
  • Amai Kimi ga Suki
  • A Capricious Cat and a Shy Lion
  • 101 no Kuroneko

BL With Cats (or cat themes) In It by AnnaSartin

Yaoi and shounen-ai with cats, cat lovers, cat shapeshifters, or people pretending to be cats.

  • 12 Evil Cats
  • 9-hikime no Neko
  • 9 Lives
  • 5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love
  • 1-nen 3-kumi Nyanpachi Sensei!

Cats, Cats & More Cats! by AnnaSartin

Manga with cats and kittens in it. Also includes wildcats, robo-cats, beings that look like cats, and people who turn into cats.