Neko no Machi no Ko

Alt title: The Children of the City of Cats

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
2006 - 2010
3.817 out of 5 from 59 votes
Rank #14,904
Neko no Machi no Ko

In a town where a lot of stray cats live a carefree life, there is a child who lives among them. His mother suddenly disappeared one day, and that abandoned kid found a white cat who had also lost her own children. Now, he's watched over by the townspeople and is living with his new mother cat like a real family.

Source: MU

Extra story: Sora Moyou

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  Story line: The Tae house district was unaffected by the destruction of the World War, so the town hasn't changed and didn't adapt any to modern changes. However, this town has been the home of many stray cats and people live in this town with harmony with them. In a cat friendly town like this, Shiro is a 4 year old little boy who is on his quest to become a cat. He has many cat friends. His mother abandoned him. He found a new white fluffy cat mother, Tae-san, who also lost her child. People of the Tae house district is really kind to him. So far, this is the story of Neko no Machi no Ko. It seems really simple. But trust me. It's not. Art: The drawing in the manga is great so far. Shiro was really cute, the cats were adorable and I also found Ichii very handsome. Characters: Shiro is the main protagonist here. He is just a little boy who is always searching for his mother. I think the the next important character is Ichii, a kind of a playboy, who also takes care of Shiro most of the time. He is also the person who helped Shiro's mother to escape the town. Tae-san is a white fluffy cat who is also Shiro's new mother. Ruri is Shiro's mother. She was a Geisha of the town. She wasn't very affectionate to Shiro. And all other characters in the manga is very nice. Overall: 3.55? I think it's a bit underrated.The story and the presentation of the whole package was really good. I am a fan of short manga and this one is a really good one. This is the first manga I have read by Satoshi MORIE and I look forward to read more of her works. I highly recommend this manga. Thank you. Happy reading.

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