Neko ni wa Neko no Neko Gohan.

Vol: 6+; Ch: 27+
2020 - ?
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Neko ni wa Neko no Neko Gohan.

A kitten lies dying in the snow. It seems that it had eaten poisoned cat food. When our protaganist, Mano Taiyou, chanced upon the kitten, he panicked and hurriedly brought it to the vet. After being rescued, the kitten was taken in by Taiyou and given the name Yuki. Unfortunately, Yuki has been traumatised by its near death experience from eating the poisoned cat food and is now unable to eat dry kibbles. This a heartwarming story of Yuki the cat and his owner, Taiyou as he struggles as a beginner cook to make home made food for Yuki.

Source: MU

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