Nano List

Ch: 146
2016 - 2018
4.314 out of 5 from 235 votes
Rank #1,278
Nano List

A deadly android was delivered to me on my birthday!

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At first glance, Nano List seems to be nothing more than some fanservice manhwa. A seductive looking woman with skimpy clothing and  the word "beauty" tattooed across her cheek hovering over a sleeping, totally clueless boy. Seems legit. However, like the tags suggest, it's not like that at all. Save for a few scenes thrown in for comedic or opening panel purposes, Nano List is a great action webtoon w/o fanservice... mostly. The synopsis is vague, so I'll provide my own. Basically, a dude named Milo gets an android robot from his long deceased sister for his first birthday as a high schooler. He finds out that her name is Nano, and she has a special ability called the Nano List, which can destroy anything using nanomachines. Together with his housekeeper android San, the three of them spiral down into the world of mystery and action Nano has brought along with her. To cut straight to the point, the webtoon is all about Nano hunting down and wrecking literally everything in her way (mostly other androids) with her two friends Milo and San, while simultaneously living her life as a sassy 12 year old. The story, although not anything particularly mind blowing, is filled with much action (expect lots of fighting and violence), and other interesting tidbits, such as the bits of comedy. The comedy may seem inconsistent with the theme, but personally I enjoy them. There are also side stories - although not directly a fundamental part of the main story, they are an interesting read and still contribute to the main plot.  Art is a solid 10/10 for me. It's not masterpiece level, but it has a nice simplicity to it. The colors are mostly flat, alternating between mute and vibrant when needed, with simple effects. It's pretty. Characters are great too. A lot have great character development and personality, including villains. San is probably the only exception to this as she is the fanservice fodder - not in the sense of big assets or something, but rather she is infatuated with Milo and there are scenes where she tends to go overboard showing them to him..  if you get what I mean. Nevertheless, she is still a great character with redeeming points. Overall, Nano List is really a great webtoon and I highly recommend it especially if you're of a younger demographic and into action/comedy with a sci-fi theme. //P.S. webtoon is (was) ongoing at the time of writing

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