Nana to Kaoru Arashi

Alt titles: Nana and Kaoru: Black Label, Nana to Kaoru: Black Label

Vol: 5; Ch: 45
2010 - 2014
4.082 out of 5 from 761 votes
Rank #2,158
Nana to Kaoru Arashi

Nana and Kaoru are now seniors in high school, still enjoying every minute of their secretive S&M sessions together to blow off steam. The fun continues for the pair when the two are invited to a special trip with adult toy shop owner Mitsuko and her 'master' –  a man who just happens to be Shuutarou Sarashina, Kaoru's idol! What will Nana and Kaoru learn while under the tutelage of Sarashina-sensei and his lovely submissive?

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Well well well, I loved nana to kaoru but I only rated it 7/10 because of it's ending which lets us on our hunger from a romance point of view. Nana to kaoru black label is basically the end that we all wanted to see. Those 45 chapters are a pleasure to read. No drama at all, it doesnt really talk about their high school life. It focuses on their bond, their relationship. Nana and kaoru go on a 3 or 4 days trip on japan's countryside with Tachibana and her master (who is also a SM writer that Kaoru loves). It will permit our main characters to deepen their relationship and their "breather" by seeing some real pros that make it together for 10 years. Those two are also in love with each other. As you probably know, Nana and Kaoru are quite coward if not totally coward. They wont never express their feelings without an outside help. And who is more able to do that than Tachibana that we all know and her master (a very good character that you will quickly learn to appreciate) who's also Kaoru's favorite SM writer. You will learn to deepen your knowledge of Tachibana who is a great character that was left in the shadow during nana to kaoru "season 1" if I can say. Overall, as I said, the main focus of black label is the romance with of course SM. It is basically 95% of the manga and it's a MUST READ after nana to kaoru especially if you was still on your hunger after season 1 ending. I couldn't have guessed that this would have been so great to read. The art is still as great and original as nana to kaoru. No downgrade there I can swear you. I'm truly glad that the author decided to deepen the ending with this season. He put everything that he had in those 45 chapters, like a last wave of fireworks and NOW I can say that Nana to Kaoru is definitely one of my favorite manga and one of my favorite romance manga. It was a wonderful journey through the world of SM and I absolutely not regret being a part of it. The author totally conveyed his passion for SM and it's bond with the romance between two persons. Nana to Kaoru is, overall, one of those manga, created with an original idea that is not an overused idea that works. But despite this, the manga was a masterpiece that deserve being in the top of the best manga. Then, the best way to describe black label is simple. If nana to kaoru 'season 1" is the tasty cake that lacks of a cherry, black label is that perfectly ripe cherry on top on it.

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