Nana to Kaoru

Alt title: Nana and Kaoru

Vol: 18; Ch: 156
2008 - 2016
3.997 out of 5 from 1,725 votes
Rank #3,936
Nana to Kaoru

On the surface, Nana Chigusa appears to be a typical honor student, loved by the student council and her peers, and surrounded by admirers and friends. But deep down, even good girls need a way to blow off a little steam and de-stress, and for Nana, that means secretive, intense S&M sessions with Kaoru, a well-known pervert and her childhood friend. What experiences and pleasures await this unlikely pair?

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This manga is made for the perverts of the universe and as much as I tell myself I'm not some kind of weird freaking pervert, the fact I sat down and read all this and loved it must mean that its time to come to terms with the fact that I must be some kind of pervert.  Anywho this manga is based on a boy named Kaoru who has loved his childhood friend his whole life and feels as though he is the dirt of the earth and she's the sun and he can never reach her. She's the school president or whatever, the 2nd top person in her class and she's stressed and was given advice to find something relaxing to do. I dont even remember how this ends up happening but Nana ends up being tied up by Kaoru and loves it. The tight constricting painful sensation brings her great joy lol.  So the rest of the manga is the development of their relationship and what they face together and yada yada. You get it. There were a couple of things I didn't like. The tongue thing. Like I'm use to it at this point but its just unnecessary. The art I wasn't huge on. Again I got use to it but I mean poor Kaoru, did they have to give him a frog face. Its just rude. Lastly was that it just ended. It ends on chapter 135 instead of 156, so I wasn't prepared and really bummed but luckily their is a sequel!  All in all I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this, like I was constantly finding time to read it. I'm super pleased with the overall character development and how cute Kaoru and Nana was.  Oh another thing, I disliked and like the side girl Tachi. She did nice things for the main couple but I knew she really wanted Kaoru all to herself so yea, I feel like she was too pushy on being involved with them. Good news for us readers, she couldn't break the relationship of a dom and a sub XD.  Did I mention this story has a ton of SM in it?  If you're a prevert or just someone who enjoys cute couples torn between their crumbling self esteem and their love for each other then this is a good place to go. 

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