Mysterious Girlfriend X

Alt title: Nazo no Kanojo X

Vol: 12; Ch: 92
2004 - 2014
3.946 out of 5 from 1,461 votes
Rank #5,624
Mysterious Girlfriend X

The new transfer student Mikoto Urabe is weird. She falls asleep at the drop of a hat and bursts out laughing unexpectedly, and it's no surprise that fellow classmates like Akira avoid her like the plague. So when the boy comes across the girl after class, fast asleep and drooling all over her desk, he does what any typical teenager would do… and tastes it?! What's more, there's something special about Mikoto's saliva: it's addictive, and thanks to Akira's poor decision, he must now receive a daily dose to avoid withdrawal. As Akira adjusts to this new and unexpected bond, he discovers that he's not only addicted to Mikoto's spit, but to her as well, much to his confusion!

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Mysterious Girlfriend X, one of the weirdest and also one of the most enjoyable romantic comedies I have read in a long time. Just the premise itself tells you that this isn't going to be an ordinary romantic comedy. And to think I discovered this awesomeness at Barnes and Nobles. This is my review for Mysterious Girlfriend X, which will have some SPOILERS.  Story- The story begins when the new transfer student Mikoto Urabe is transfered to Akira's class. For the most part everyone in the class avoids her like she's the plague, due to her weirdness. Akira sees some of her drool on her desk, and something prompts him to taste it. Surprisingly, it tastes good to him, and now he most recieve a daily dose to avoid withdrawal. This of course leads Akira to end up liking Mikoto, and developing a relationship with her. Yes, this is a weird element to building a story, but I think it uses that weirdness in a smart way and does it well, kinda like with the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series. You give it a chance and you may find that weirdness has grown attached to you. Art- The art itself has that nice stylization with the characters, giving the story itself a nice slice of life feel with the characters. It feels simple in a good way, the way the author portrays the characters, so that in a way they're easier on the eyes. Love the mayhem that ensues when Mikoto whips out her scissors and cuts whatever object she's focused on. It's always fun to watch. Characters- Probably the best part about the series, the growing relationship between Mikoto and Akira. Just by the fact that they are swapping drool with each other gives a sort of honest and straightforward attitude with their constant growing relationship, although they do run into their share of obstacles throughout the series. Although new girl characters will show up and try to get Akira's attention, I like how he holds true with Mikoto. And I think Mikoto is a good representation of an introverted girl who finds herself being able to open up with Akira more and more as the series goes on. The character growth is awesome, despite the story being a slow burner. Overall- I think one of the biggest reasons why I love the series has to do with Akira. Unlike most male protagonists for romantic comedies, he isn't an idiot. He's conscious of his own choices and he actually makes smart decisions for a character at his age, not like other characters who have no idea what they're doing. Now a SPOILER that is focused on the ending itself, it seems from my point of view people weren't happy with how it ended with Mikoto and Akira. I think the message behind the ending was the fact that you should enjoy the earlier parts of your relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend because we take for granted how long they last, which is why Akira didn't want to go any further with Mikoto while they were in high school. Although they did kiss through a photo so its not like they didn't kiss, although it kinda wasn't a real kiss. A lot of series have shown examples that you don't need actions like kissing to show you love another character, like with Rurouni Kenshin and Deadman Wonderland. For a series that ran 10 years it kinda felt a little short to me, although I read it after it finished. I would have like to have seen Akira and Mikoto's relationship after high school, but I'm happy with its length. Didn't feel stretched like a certain shonen series I keep thinking about. An ideal romantic comedy that is different and a good change of pace for someone who wants something new. 

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