My Wife is a Demon Queen

Alt title: Wo Laopo Shi Mowang Daren

Ch: 240+
2018 - ?
4.075 out of 5 from 954 votes
Rank #4,263
My Wife is a Demon Queen

"Listen up folks! I’m living my life with the demon queen!"

Source: MU

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Story - Very slow story and romance progress. Tournament arc is the worst tournament arc I ever seen. There is nothing much I can said here due to the story being too slow. Action scenes are terrible. If you want a action show,just stick to Attack on Titan,Naruto,One Piece,Hunter x Hunter,Fullmetal Alchemist etc. There are people specialize in mage class,combat class,sword class etc but no one ever thought of hybrid among them? Oh well. Art - Definitely the strongest point of this manhua. The artist and the author are two different person and the artist did a much better job than the author. Artist>author Characters - Xiang Ye is alright. He cares a lot for Isabella. Isabella is your one dimensional cardboard typical tsundere girl. Emotionless and no personality outside her tsundere tropes. Villains are edgy as hell. The rest of the side characters are not good and unncescessary screen time wasted on them. Overall - In addition to the slow pace,there are lots of terrible cliffhanger and chapters delay so it's hard to find enjoyment. You know it's bad when you feel more stress than enjoyment reading this manhua. Isabella got defile when other male got to hug her. I prefer my waifu remain pure like many waifu from Japanese romance/harem manga. This manhua has some comedy moments but it's rare. Sometimes,I found it funny,sometimes I cringe at the unfunny jokes. At first,it's interesting to see Xiang Ye use technology from Earth to fight in this fantasy world but later,  his knowledge has actually surpass our current knowledge and there's just no limit to his scientific knowledge. 

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