My Warmonger Husband

Alt title: Jeonjaenggwang Nampyeonui Aireul Ppaedollyeotda

Ch: 89+
2022 - ?
3.657 out of 5 from 217 votes
Rank #21,116
My Warmonger Husband

What if your whole life was predetermined? When Noelle Ainelle is reborn as an evil marchioness, she learns she is fated to die alongside her 5-year-old daughter at her husband’s hands. But with a new attitude and a will to live, Noelle resolves to salvage her marriage for their daughter’s sake. Too bad her husband, Rupert Ainelle, is a war-loving marquess who knows nothing but violence. With the clock ticking before the unthinkable, can this villainess make peace with her warmonger husband?

Source: Tapas

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I think this is the most stupid FL I've ever seen. There is so much wrong within the first 2-3 chapters only. Everything she did and said was at best simple-minded and superficial, but putting it like that would still give her waaaay too much credit! She isn't even asking to be taking advantage of by being pushover or something... Nobody even has to push her around, because she does all the stupid and unfavorable things to herself without anyone interfering at all. she hits a maid who tried to steal from her. The maids lied and everyone believes she did it out of nothing(Actually, it was the original FL who hit the maid, because right after that, FL suddenly remembered (and merged with) her memories and personality from her past life) after being one-sidedly questioned by her husband, she decided it would be best if she apologized to the maid because her husband didnt believe her anyways.(I dont get her logic here, but maybe there is one which simply wasnt well presented. I mean, she already knew how useless it was and that nobody would believe her anyways) she then asks him to lend her money in order to pay the maid (and of course she asks him with this stupidly smiling "ahahaha" wanna-be-cute-but-actually-dumb expression, which pretty much tells everyone: please don't take me serious. Dunno why they decided to let her behave so stupid and naive here, because she didn't seem THAT stupid when she was analyzing her situation) ofcourse her husband declines, so she proposes a deal using her knowledge of the original novel. Intelligent and "careful" as she is, she tells this hateful and ruthless husband of hers the whole plan to make money (remember: it's the guy who hates her to the point of murder). He can now pretty much take everything and say "Sankyuu for your service, byebye." her husband then decides the the conditions (he literally says: "If it's not profitable, you'll loose all your freedom and be confined in a house for the rest of your life, never be allowed to go out again")Not to mention ALL the other completely unfair und unfavorable parts of the deal she accepts. She really accepted that one-sided deal just to gain .. what exactly does she gain here again?I mean, she showed him, that she's stupid, accepts everyhing and asks to be pushed around and taken advantage of. If that was the plan, then she was extremely successful! I still dont get why she continued that conversation from point 2 and onwards. Considering the manhwas name and description, I was expecting her to just turn around any second and just leave in the middle of this one-sided conversation, but I was heavily disappointed.This was the ULTIMATE pushover conversation! She isn't at fault, yet takes all the blame. Even accepting such a deal to apologize to a stealing maid just to appease her husband who she doesnt like at all and who also hates her to the point that he'll kill her in a months time anyways.... I don't even see any gains for her at all ..  Not even reasons. You know, there can be valid reasons to do something, even if you don't gain anything. (Like upholding morals and ethics for example) But I don't see any of those here.Well it was mentioned, that she'll "get a share of the profits", but she herself is pretty much her husbands possession, so she doesn't get anything anyways. If decides to "stash" her in a golden prison never able to set foot outside again, then he just has to say so. If you see her painstaking efforts to appease her hateful husband and then read this manhwas name and clickbai-- erm teaser-text, then you REALLY notice how fucked up the authors mind has to be to put ALL OF THIS together in only 3 chapters! In a sense its a masterpiece. Although it's a masterpiece of madness and fuckups. After the first 3 introduction chapters it's already impossible to take anything of this serious. It's also not really funny. It's more like "ashamed of others for being the same species"

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