My Sweet Girl

Alt title: Kimi wa Kawaii Onnanoko

Vol: 13; Ch: 52
2015 - 2021
3.876 out of 5 from 214 votes
Rank #8,571
My Sweet Girl

“Love isn’t for me.” That is what Tsugumi Koeda, a first-year high school student always told herself. Her small-framed, flat body has given Koeda a serious complex, making it totally impossible for her to ever imagine falling in love. That is, until one day when Masamune Sena, a boy from the next class sees her thin, boyish body by accident… Since then, whenever Tsugumi’s with the natural and frank Masamune, the feelings she’s held back, feelings that she wants to be “a girl” like everybody else start to grow more and more…

Source: Kodansha

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A manga about an underdeveloped girl that gives up on love but immediately falls in love with the male lead because he's the male main character. And she falls in love with him because he harassed her quite a bit, but since he's hot its called flirting not being a weirdo (at least that's what they tell me when I do it.). The series is actually more of about there relationship and her boost in character and confidence then them finding each other. The thing is the Female lead basically falls in love with the male lead almost immediately. We know it. However She takes an entire volume.... to realize she has feelings for him. So with the next volume We have the male lead doing the same thing. The first 2 volumes are definitely the weakest. We already know they are in love with each other but now we get to see them realize....slowly....over the course a full volume.... of something we already know. Which is fun right? Who doesn't like being told something they already know. This reminds me of the time people say *slow burn* which is really just another word for shit pacing. With that being said. I do quite like this series. The FMC's blushing is literally carrying this series. Her blushes alone make this series worth reading. It is adorable. It is cute. It makes me wanna hug her right out of her manga. Sadly she's not real and my Mom said if I hug the screen one more time she is going to smack me. The main issue of the series is I would say the love triangle that was *supposed* to happen. One of the girls is in love with the MMC (because this is a shoujo manga), she insults the FMC and then disappears..... Just gone. Comes back at the end though. I literally thought the Author must've forgotten her. I read her notes on this and she said that originally she had a different idea but decided to change it. I presume that's why she ended taking up a back seat instead of being the loser of the love triangle. The characters get together by Volume 3. It is about there ups and downs in a relationships. Her being to shy to be intimate and getting over it. I'd say it gets boring but I'd be lying. I'm sure all the ugly women that are going to read this manga will relate to this series a lot especially if they have found love. The feeling of reaching the next step. Not being confident. To have someone to catch up when you fall. The male lead is a bit annoying in the beginning. Especially since his feeling for the FMC basically boil down to her being the female lead. He absolutely falls in love with her but its when they are dating where you sort've get that connection. As I mentioned before the male lead is somewhat of a harasser but he compensates this by not being mature either. There is this whole thing about another guy being kind of into the FMC and he gets jealous. Honestly that arc is handled quite well. But when the female character is all over the male lead her immaturity escapes him. Which is odd as fuck. I really thought there was gonna be a small arc of understanding of characters here. But nope... The series also had the occasional time jump but it was a bit odd here again. The main section of the series is the First year of Highschool. But like the breeze through 2nd year and 3rd year. Just so the author could draw more cultural and story moments. I guess the story had wrapped up and everyone sort've gotten an arc. But it did still feel a bit odd. In the end the series is cute and adorable. The side characters could use more development. Especially since the author did end up teasing there romance. But the couple growth, the confidence boost puts this series is one of the must read sections. One of the better series I have read. Also fuck you. You know who you are. 7/10. Give this series a chance. It will surprise you.

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