My Superstar Uncle

Alt title: Uri Samchoneun World Star

Ch: 102+
2019 - ?
4.534 out of 5 from 294 votes
Rank #516
My Superstar Uncle

Sky, it may also be a "dream". The protagonist, who was reaching the lowest point of his life, frotuitously received an Artificial Intelligence robot that claims to assist people in realising their dreams. Can the protagonist change his fate successfully?

Source: MU

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Currently at 89 translated chapters the webtoon is about a carpenter named Lee Wojin a 28 years old who was tasked to take care of his niece and ailing mother after the death of his brother and wife (not specified) after he left the army. He does a 200,000 won per month job to take care of the bills but even that doesn't help his situation as he feels like he is a failure. who answers a text which asks if he wants to get his dream which is to be a superstar. Consequently, his body upgrades with the help of an A.I. assistant so his dream could be achieved some of these include better vocal cords, hearing, lung capacity, facial features fixed, etc. When his body is upgraded and slowly notices the differences he starts to sing to his mother and daughter who say he should audition by sending in a video to Illusion entertainment.  After going to the karaoke bar by himself for a while and getting some recognition from some teenage stalkers a student council president notices this rumor and listens to him. This kickstarts his idol career where he is hired by her school to sing at a festival for a fee that is higher than his monthly income.  Lee Woojin's performance goes viral and the people at Illusion catch on and ask him to sign up even noticing that he sent in a video audition. The video of his concert even catches the eye of Korean musician Shin-Jong-Yoon who gets hypnotized by his voice and starts writing songs for him even before the two of them met.  Sure the plot moves fast but I like that, it doesn't have much filler and everything seems to be part of the plot. They're also a lot of Waifu's later on in the chapters who fall in love with Woojin's down to earth persona and skills.   Though the story is cliched with an A.I helping a person become better, its different as it doesn't revolve around a superhuman ability. The art in the panels are average but still well drawn to convey the comics atmosphere and childlike wonder. The characters are likeable and you feel like you could relate to most of them.  P.S. Illusion Entertainment should just give their employees a bonus.

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