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Alt titles: Nae Mam Gatji Anh-a, This Doesn't Feel Like Me

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Jan 2, 2019

Not gonna lie, I started reading this because I'm a sucker for YouTube click-bait advertising. It's a rather strange series and is sometimes a little hard to follow, and let's just not mention the... questionable... activities the characters partake in or the motivation behind said actions.

It is not to be said however that there is no plot or that it does not hold one's attention. In fact, despite it's many misgivings, I find myself wondering what will happen in the next installment. The more you read, the more the plot thickens, and it is realised that the connections between the characters, who range from suspicious to naive, kind to selfish, cunning to slow, are deeper than they appear. Whether these connections are known to the characters or not varies.

However, this manta certainly does have its faults. For one thing, many of the characters are sexually active in ways that would be out right scandalous in real life, and while the characters usually have reasons for acting the way they do, there not always satisfying or fully fleshed out reasons. If you've ever watched Citrus, then you have experienced a series that cleverly and satisfyingly uses the characters own questionable actions as major plot points. This manga however, fails to do the same.

In short, it is a series I would only recommend if I believed one would truly enjoy it. On the other hand, neither would I tell a person not to read it, only caution them as to what to expect. Its a good time killer, but you're not missing out on much if you decide you don't like it.

Edit: Completely disregard everything you just read. Everything you just read only applies up to the end of the first major arc.

Warning, SPOILERS!!!!

Upon starting the new arc, the reader quickly realizes that a length of time has passed since Jin-Woo left home and his dad and stepmom divorced. About five months, I believe. It seems at first that the characters themselves have remained the same, and that the events that took place in the previous arc aren't relevant to the current one. Neither of these are true however. The main character, originally a naive, mentally and emotionally underdeveloped boy, is seen rescuing a woman from her sleazy boss. This is expected of him off course.

However, when she takes him to her house, he is revealed to in fact be a womanizing scumbag, ignorant of the consequences of his own actions, who has deluded himself into believing that all women want to have intercourse with him. He then takes advantage of the naivete and trusting nature of the very girl he saved, doing the very same thing to her, that his stepmom did to him. 

I'd like to refrain from saying more, so as to avoid spoiling too much, but I will say a few more things. First, it has been revealed that the events of the first arc are related to the events of the second. However, it has not been said how yet. Second, in a chance encounter between Jin-Woo and his stepmom, it is revealed just how much he has changed, and part of the reason why. This new Jin-Woo is very different from the one we knew, and not in a good way.

While I once looked forward to each new episode, even if only slightly, I now find myself reading on for no other reason than my own compulsion as a completionist. This manwha, at least for me, has taught me a great deal about why I shouldn't fall for YouTube click-bait webcomic advertisements. My thoughts on whether or not I would recommend it to a person haven't changed, but I'm less likely to now, because I don't believe many people would enjoy the series. Check it out if you want, and if you don't like it, then I hope you don't have a strong compulsion to complete series, or else you might be in danger.

5.5/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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Jul 20, 2019

Ok I'ma just be honest it was good at first but then it started going to shit about half way through. I originally dropped this series just for how shit it was but then I started it back up and just finished it. The characters fucking suck, I thought at first that it was a pretty good consept for a story but then at the end Jin-woo sleep with all of these women like damn dude who knew a man slut like him even existed. I personally liked one of the women at the end as she was nice kind and not a dick like the other female characters. But in the end they didn't get together and that is when I started to regret my life choices as I chose to read this shit series. The one think that I actually likes about this series is the ending were Jin-woo turned his life around and did something productive and not have sex with those stockings. All together it was shit, the only thing I really liked when he changed his life tho..... All I can say is that your bored with nothing to do (like nothing, like your dying from bordom) you could read this. Sry for the rambling XD

4/10 story
6/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall