My Stepmom

Alt title: This Doesn't Feel Like Me

Ch: 51
2017 - 2018
3.888 out of 5 from 228 votes
Rank #4,592
My Stepmom

My stepmom's 10 years older than me, but she doesn't look like it... Is she... trying to tempt me?

Source: Toomics

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brutallyHonest Jan 2, 2019
Score 5.5/10

Not gonna lie, I started reading this because I'm a sucker for YouTube click-bait advertising. It's a rather strange series and is sometimes a little hard to follow, and let's just not mention the... questionable... activities the characters partake in or the motivation behind said actions. It is not to be said however that there is no plot or that it does not hold one's attention. In fact, despite it's many... read more



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