My Starry Sky

Alt title: Uju, Sonyeon

Ch: 62
2017 - 2018
4.149 out of 5 from 382 votes
Rank #3,612
My Starry Sky

Just when Yeonduk thought he was finally going to be free of his tormentor (and family friend and crush, might we add), Seo Skyler – coolest kid in school – saunters his way into the same classroom. Skyler might look blessed (his sister’s even in a girl group), but he’s got some family issues that only Yeonduk can understand. Yeonduk is more than just star-struck, though, and when Skyler starts acting nice and walking to school with him, he can’t help but hope there might finally be more between them.

Source: Lezhin

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Chapter 1

That person.

Chapter 2

Seo Skyler

Chapter 3

Never again! Part 1

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This was a beautiful story, I love it so much - 100% reccommend ^^ Story The main character (YeonDuk) is childhood friends (?) with a really popular guy name Skylar.  Skylar and Yeonduk's relationship was toxic af, due to a few misunderstanding which really broke my heart.  The story doesn't have te classic lovey-dovey moments until the second part of season two.  It is more centered around Skylar's family problems and Yeonduk having to decide if he is willing to give up his love and happy memories to finally be free of Skylar.   Season two is more of a BL type story, with adorable moments but still not letting go of the past.  The author really did well to turn this toxic relationship into a healthy one very well.  Both deal with their own traumas and fear of abandoment.  Another review said they dropped it around chapter 21, tbh I was about to as well, it felt like everything was just too much, I was actually also quite bored, but I forced myself to continue anyway and I am so glad I did.  The ending was so amazing and worth it - read in one sitting ^^ Art I love Skylar's hair.  Everything was drawn okay in season one, season two - the art improved so much, it was amazing, everyone looked so nice.  Yeonduk's art bothered me a bit at the start of the story but I got over it. Character Yeonduk (MC) - Loved him so much.  His characters explores the idea of loving someone no matter how shitty they treat you, how even if they straight up say they hate you and even though you want to stop, you will always love them.  It made me tear up when Yeonduk finally let go of the memories.  He also deals with some trauma. Skylar (ML) - I hated him at the start, he treated the MC like trash.  It is revealed why, although it ofc doesn't justify it, he does express lots of regret and guilt. Both of them act like any human would, given the circumstances.  Both very complex and unique traits. Overall A very unique story, a hidden gem to say the least.  If you are unsure whether to read it or not, I reccommend you do!  At least try.  It is worth it.  it doesn't have much BL moments, but the plot itself is amazing.  Not the best for a shounen ai story, but as a general manga, it is great.

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