My Secretly Hot Husband

Alt title: Nampyeoni Mimoreul Sumgim

Ch: 109
2020 - 2023
4.004 out of 5 from 2,142 votes
Rank #3,737
My Secretly Hot Husband

Another lifetime, another hard life—Letitia’s misery continues as her uncle sends her off to the “Monster Lord” to fulfill an old pledge. Imp attacks! The three witches! A hideous masked devil hunter husband! Terrifying is an understatement. But as she becomes the lady of Halstead, the rumors fall apart. Lord Erden is caring, he likes bunnies, and that *gasp* perfect face under the mask! How can he not know he’s HOT? Can she help protect the castle from devils and help Erden see his true self?

Source: Tapas

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Despite the "trashy" name, the manhwa is completely different from what I expected. Do you want a sweet Male Lead who isn't possessive, is respectful, and most importantly, MOST RARELY, is a SOFT boy, while still having great physical strength? Do you want a clever, yet still warm and optimistic, Female Lead? This is the one for you. No dragged out misunderstandings (solved in one chapter!), no dragged out angst. Truly a healthy relationship where they both care for each other, but not to the obsessive point.  Note: Please don't be turned off by the seemingly lolicon direction the story seems to take in the beginning. It's not pedophilic, I promise. They're both minors when they're engaged, and at first I was like "okay, there's only a 3-year age gap, but the mental age between 12 and 15 is a lot. How would they develop this romantically and healthily?" You don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable with their affections, I promise. Just read it! The story is engaging. It's what you get when you want the typical features of an isekai, but with some happy twists to the stereotypes here and there. And yes, the FL uses her "otherworldly" knowledge as a cheat code often, but I never felt annoyed with her antics. It didn't feel Mary Sue, because you are shown her fears and you know she's putting on a brave face. She uses her mind well, but not to the unbelievable cunning genius level. We're shown she racks her brain to get a good plan. She's a strong FL who comes off as someone approachable in real life. Now, from the title you might expect the FL to like ML only because of his handsome face. Wrong. She likes him even before he revealed his face, and she already decided to stay before knowing ML's true face. There are plenty of sweet moments before he revealed his face, so do be assured that their love is not superficial (though admittedly ML's face is the cherry on top of their relationship). The art is really good. The colours and lines are really crisp, and the shading is good. The artist draws the proportions perfectly. The artist manages to express the ML's emotions well even though he wore masks. The colour of the ML's eyes is a good choice - they look magical. I recommend you read this if you want a manhwa that is entertaining, comedic, and is all in all a greatly enjoyable read. Reviewed at chapter 39.

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