My Royal Awakening

Alt title: I Shall Live As a Prince

Ch: 75+
2020 - ?
4.447 out of 5 from 267 votes
Rank #1,273
My Royal Awakening

When your average guy struggling through life in modern day Korea gets “reborn” as a grand prince in the Joseon Dynasty, it seems like a pretty sweet deal, right? Nope, not if you’re the younger brother of King Yeonsan, one of the most tyrannical kings in Joseon’s history. A reign of terror is imminent, and it’s only a matter of time before everything goes downhill. But with a new Grand Prince Jin-seong taking matters into his own two hands, perhaps history won’t repeat itself…

Source: Lezhin

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This is really good but I got bored.The setting is a dude from modern day Korea gets reincarnated in a medieval Korea time period. There is no magic and no fantasy aspect. The story closely follow the real history of Korea in that period. From there you can see how amazing it could be with all the possibilities it offers. Being able to use your knowledge of the future while being a prince in a medieval dynasty grants you success in almost everything. And the political intrigue also adds to it but it's never really fulfilled.Well not really for the MC or sort of. First of all he's not the brightest bulb in the lot. He takes a lot of time to realize things and even though he has knowledge of the people he interacts with, he seemingly don't mind them. The things he invents are somewhat useful but given all the knowledge he has he could make his country soars. His goal is very shallow. Since in the real history his brother, who is king, will become a tyrant and gets overthrown and then replaced by him causing him to be forced to divorce his wife, he wants to prevents it. Not because of the tyranny of his brother but just because he doesn't want to lose his waifu and his laid back life. I do no understand his character. How can a late 20 something dude from modern day suddenly acts like a kid because he is in a kid's body? He still thinks like an adult so I don't get the act. It's even annoying sometimes cause it makes him appear like an idiot. He doesn't want the throne but also doesn't really actively work to help his brother. He could create an underground organization to get information and quietly fund community projects in the name of the king if he wanted. But instead we have him running around being like "my darling this or my darling that". I bet he was a virgin in his previous life. The art is great and the storytelling is good, I have no complaints. It's just the story is a repeat. Him doing something dumb or someone bullying some others and then him coming to save the poor or whatever and then invents something. And there you have it. I'd say it's a good read but not among the best.

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