My Roommate is a Cat - Custom lists

Alt title: Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.

My Roommate is a Cat
  • Atama no Ue no Pesu
  • A Polar Bear in Love
  • Annyeong, Pi
  • Ame to Kimi to
  • A Man and His Cat

Manga and Webtoons for Animal Lovers by AnnaSartin

A collection of manga and webtoons from various genres featuring animals, animal lovers, and people who turn into animals. From normal dogs and cats to fantasy creatures, there's all kinds of beasts for you to enjoy.

  • A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School!
  • A Silent Voice
  • Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
  • Amanchu!
  • &

Social Anxiety Manga by AnnaSartin

Characters in these manga suffer from extreme shyness or social anxiety. Their condition may be caused by a past trauma, a mental disorder, or other ongoing problem or phobia that makes it difficult for them to connect with...

  • A Thousand Petals
  • A Place Further Than the Universe
  • Ani no Yome to Kurashite Imasu.
  • Ai Shoujo Pollyanna Monogatari
  • 1001: Knights

Loss of a loved one (manga) by AnnaSartin

Characters in these stories have suffered the death or disappearance of a close friend or family member. It may be a recent loss they are still grieving, a not-so-recent loss that they are starting to come to terms with, or, in...

  • A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd
  • Abarenbou Honya-san
  • 25-ji no Ghost Writer
  • 0 kara Hajimeru Manga Kyoushitsu
  • "Ano Shoutengai no, Honya no, Chiisana Oku-san no Ohanashi."

Books About Books and Book Lovers by AnnaSartin

Stories where books and/or the people involved with them are central to the plot. Writers, mangaka, and publishers are common protagonists, along with librarians, booksellers, and other bibliophiles. Libraries, bookstores, and...

  • 100% Perfect Girl
  • 30 Days With You
  • 10 Years in the Friend Zone
  • 4 Cut Hero
  • 1 Plus 1 (Soru)

Official English manhwa by RoyalOss

Official webcomics translated by Lezhin at Please support the official release!

  • A-chan to Dede
  • 12 Evil Cats
  • 9-hikime no Neko
  • 9 Lives
  • 1-nen 3-kumi Nyanpachi Sensei!

Cats, Cats & More Cats! by AnnaSartin

Manga featuring cats and kittens.

  • Beloved Marriage in High Society (Novel)
  • Beast Master
  • Barakamon
  • Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni!
  • Anitomo

Cute/Sweet Manga by LupaLunae

These stories may be cute in a variety of ways. From just having a sweet story or adorable characters, I found these manga to be cute. Note: Variety of kinds of cute. Some I just found to be heart warming. Also I'm completely...