My Princess Charming

Ch: 40
2020 - 2021
3.789 out of 5 from 548 votes
Rank #13,201
My Princess Charming

Twenty-one year old Yuna is tired of having guys hit on her all the time. As popular as she is, she's been single her whole life. Just when she decides to make herself a boyfriend to fend off guys, she meets a handsome guy who looks good enough to be her boyfriend. But wait, the guy is actually a girl! In fact, rumor says that Min is a lesbian. Nonetheless, the two decide to pretend to be in a romantic relationship.

Source: Pocket Comics

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 Cute ig. I didn't really have a strong opinion about this manhwa. The plot is white cliche (not that I mind), the characters are low key funny and adorable, and the art was meh (I rlly don't like it when the cover art is nothing like the manhwa IT HURTS MY HEART) . But anyway it was a chill read, let's dissect it lol Story: Fake dating, I don't hate it but I do think it's a little overused for it's unrealistic nature.  Anyway this one was fine because TWIST it's lesbians and Min actually already had a lover and it was a professor, damn, like full on damn. Their relationship was toxic af, but what can you expect from professor x student. Idrc abt them but my girl Yuna and Min's relationship was the cutest. It started as "don't care" x "head over heels" but it slowly shifted. TWO CUTE SCENES, the whole dance practice for the contest & Lemon cake scene. And abt that ending, they was RUNNNIN  🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Everything concluded in one episode and I was left 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️, like give me some time to process , cry, and move on. It was not a proper ending. Cute but super fast.  Art: Why did it get bad ☹️☹️ Low key sad, it wasn't bad. Yuna and Seyun were always flawless but why did Min get the end of the stick. Her face was 🧀🤿🚠♟🎲🛻🎬🚐🎨 every panel. Still pretty but idk it affects the overall art. Outfits were cute hehe, especially with Yuna LIKE DAMN SHE WAS PRETTY  Characters: They were fun. A lot of people found Yuna annoying bc she was cocky but my girl has all the right to, amd she was naive, my girl was gong though her first relationship , amd I lowkey  relate. She was fun to read bc you never knew what she would come up with. Min was the typical "don't like you, don't care" type at first, which is good bc that dynamic works well. One thing I didn't rlly like abt her was how easy she moved on from the professor, I guess she was manipulated ( a lil) but mmm girl, maybe fingiré out yet ur feelings before you go making other girls fall for you 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Then Seyun was like a self insert haha, like if I had beeen in the story that would've been me BC SHE MOVED THE PLOT FORWARD, she knew what the girls needed, and acted upon it. I liked her.  overall I was pretty chill, nothing extraordinary, maybe a few scenes were I was intrigued and eager to keep reading. Maybe I wanted a little more drama. FOR EXAMPLE OMG, I was waiting for Yuna's love confession, so that the rejection would be MORE DRMAATIC, but Min rejected her before that so... yeah it was chill. It had a lot of cliches as well, which makes it more of a generic story but I still didn't hate it. It's a high six for me 😙 (I also finished reading yesterday, I would not read on Xmas lmao) 

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