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My One and Only
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Jun 3, 2021

Despite what's indicated in anime planet, the manhwa already has 26 chapters translated in some websites. I think the premise is interesting so far, but it's still a bit early to decide whether it'll turn out good or bad. One of my biggest pet peeves while reading though is the lack of respect the ML has towards consent. He'd kiss the girl in public places (to the point of using tongue) even she clearly said several times that she's uncomfortable with him doing that. There was also an instance where he kissed and low-key touched the girl while she was sleeping. Although he's in heat/mating season, it still doesn't excuse his actions. He constantly initiates things with the girl even though she doesn't want to and she ends up forgiving him because he acts cute and pitiful. Scenes like that are treated lightheartedly but it might not be your thing if you're sensitive or particular about those kinds of things.

Also I'm kinda iffy about how fast their romance develops. It doesn't make sense for her to completely lower her guard to him, especially knowing that he's a wolf, just because he's hot and adorable at times. Like literally in the first chapter she'll let him in her house, despite being drunk and him being a total stranger. No woman would a man just casually let a man stay over like that given the risk of being assaulted. They also kiss in chapter 8 despite the lack of development in their relationship. All these things are something you can easily turn a blind eye to though since it's nothing really major. I'd say give it a try but don't expect to be amazed or anything.

6/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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