My One and Only (Sonyeon)

Alt titles: My One and Only Cat, Naui Hanappunin Goyangi

Ch: 65
2019 - 2021
3.989 out of 5 from 352 votes
Rank #10,383
My One and Only (Sonyeon)

Yeo-ul has pop star-like looks but that hasn’t stopped him from being misunderstood his whole life. And with the school year finishing up, this summer break could be a lonely one. That is until one night a street cat follows Yeo-ul home. This persistent little guy won’t take no for an answer so Yeo-ul decides to take him in, adamant that it’ll be for one night only. However, after one little smooch, this kitty turns into a really buff - and really naked! - man. For Tater, the white cat, finding Yeo-ul is anything but a coincidence. And once Yeo-ul agrees to take care of him, this is his chance to pounce! But it turns out, being human isn’t as easy as it seems…

Source: Lezhin

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