My Mean Boss's Sweet, Intoxicating Love

Alt title: Do-S Shachou no Ama Sugiru Aishi-kata

Vol: 3; Ch: 14
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My Mean Boss's Sweet, Intoxicating Love

A rollercoaster romance following an office worker hopeless in love and a younger company president whose hobby is to both dote and tease! Convinced that being a wallflower is all she needs to be happy, Misaki has resorted to keeping things simple from day to day. But when one thing suddenly leads to another, she spends the night in bed with Atsumori, her company's president. And it doesn't stop there. After their first night of passion, he begins pampering her like crazy and even buys her a new apartment! On the other hand, despite her reservations about love, Misaki finds herself more and more attracted by Atsumori's mind games!

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