My Master, the Wolf Queen

Ch: 50+
2019 - ?
3.507 out of 5 from 318 votes
Rank #14,209
My Master, the Wolf Queen

Determined to rebuild his defeated country, Prince Kang Joon begs to be taken in by the powerful empress of Skaden, Roselin Skadia II. But never did he imagine he'd be her war trophy, spending night after night in her bed! That is until one fateful day when Joon uncovers Roselin's shocking secret. Now that he knows the truth about her, what lies ahead for their relationship... and their kingdoms?

Source: TappyToon

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Honestly, this manhwa was a letdown. I got many recommendations for this manhwa yet I have not seen what's so special about it. The way the manhwa was designed made it quite difficult to read. It looks as though there were missing panels, even though there weren't. Also, the author doesn't explain the basics of the world the FL and ML is living in. Ok, well, the author does, but just a tiny bit.  Let me now explain the problem within the characters. You got the cliché FL and ML switching roles in this manhwa. For example, FL is an empress, master of the battlefield, brutal, kills everyone without hesitation, and a player. Then, the ML is this hopeless fallen prince, written to be "smart" but actually seems like a delusional school dropout 12 year old boy with only looks to keep him alive. When the FL and ML meet, the FL was like, "DAMN this guy's hot! Gotta take him home with me even though he belongs to another empire." *next chapter or two*  FL be like "Hey sexy, come into my bedroom tonight. ;)" ML: *intense blushing like a girl* (its not cute) FL's Attendent: "Soooo, you a virgin or no?"  ML: "W-WHY WOULD YOU ASK M-ME THAT-T?! KAJDNEKSHDMAL YES I AM." FL's Attendent: "Well, did you know that the FL picks boys that are hot and virgins? Well, good job, you're one of them." and so on.. Reading this manhwa makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. It make question why was i born, my sanity, and more. I don't recommend it, but if you want to read some cringe then you do you..

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