My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Vol: 5; Ch: 79
2016 - 2017
4.281 out of 5 from 485 votes
Rank #1,665
My ID is Gangnam Beauty

The ugly girl who was able to be reborn as a beauty, Kang Mirae! But... I feel like I've seen you somewhere?

Source: MU

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This story is a rare gem I'll try not to spoiler the best I can ^^ Story : Kang Mirae is an ugly girl who is frequently bullied so she hates herself so much and wants to commit suicide but she doesn't do it. so she changes it to make a plastic surgery all over her face to start a refreshing college life with a new face  . The story is so beautiful and sweet it has a nice pace It's not fast and not slow and at the same time it's not forced or rushed at the romance scenes. You can see that the story is realistic about the college life not everyone who smiles os your friend there are people who will talk about you behind your back so you shouldn't be too much of a naive but at the same time you will find people who cares about you, who loves you the people who watches over you. It may be full of sadness or worries but a the same time you will laugh from the bottom of your heart you will have fun and anxiety together that what it means to be a university student . This manga has a real nice plot about self-confidence, loving yourself, To stop judging people by their face and beauty and that the most important thing is the inner beauty. Artstyle : The art style is good not bad but tbh I once dropped the manga cuz of the mc charecter design but if you were like me and you loved the story you will get used eventually to the artstyle. Characters : The story have many charecters but their are 3 main characters that the story will be focusing about Kang Mirae, Do Kyungsok and Sooah. Kang mirae is the MC that got a plastic surgery cuz she wants to live a normal life without the word ugly following her. She is naturally a shy and timid girl who lacks self-confident you will love to see this charecter improving for the better and even changing her bad habits . Do Kyungsok is the ML he is a handsome guy with a cold attiude who loves drinking our ml knew the mc from the middle school they had a little connection back then and now they are in the same university and the same major . Sooah is the most beautiful girl in the whole university with a white skin, tall silky hair and a pretty face features she caught the eyes of every guy in the university and with her nice personality she gained love from the girls in her major but Is she really like what she looks like ?? Sooah charecter is too realistic the author success in giving the charecter the depth that she needs you may hate the charecter, you may empathize with her or you may just wants her to live a normal life. Many people in life wants to seek attention or wants to be loved for whatever reason is they don't want to be left behing. Trauma...maybe?? But most of the people do it even I but some people overdo it they wants to die rather being left or unloved ( they may had a tragic accident or lack of parental love ) childhood feeling that we think that they have disappeared is actually inside. They are hidden not fanished so they appear without them knowing and tries to gain the love or attention that didn't have in its childhood. People like that I empathize with them and they should know one thing it doesn't matter what others are thinking about them they are not shoes to say this one is beautiful and this one is not they are humans with hearts and emotions . If you loved yourself you'll become beautiful even if nobody realises you know and there will be someone who loves the real you ( you can be truly happy ). That's what the author was trying to say it doesn't matter if you're beautiful or not the most important thing is the beauty of the soul. You should read the manga it really gave me confidence cuz I was in the same situation as the charecterz so I can understand them ♡

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