My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness (Novel)

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My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness (Novel)

Xie Yang has spent years in the apocalypse and is worn out. He transmigrated into a simple, superficial novel about the entertainment circle. The protagonist of the novel was handsome and reborn. The female protagonist of the novel was beautiful and had a golden finger. Some side roles were also beautiful and had deep backgrounds. If he transmigrated into one of them, he could close his eyes and enjoy himself. However, he instead became the husband of the biggest villain in the novel, the male protagonist’s uncle. He was called a husband, but it was more like a babysitter because the villain was a terminally ill patient with a terrible personality and a sick brain. Xie Yang: It doesn’t matter if you are the male lead, the female lead or the villain, whoever dares to stop me from living a comfortable life will die.

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I'm absolutely and helplessly in love with this overwhelmingly heartwarming novel. I had my doubts at first but boy oh boy as i kept reading further i found myself already so in love with the story and the characters. This is so precious and well written. My heart almost evaporated. T^T I have a lots of things to say about this gem of a novel. So bear with me. First of all the setting is perfect,the characters are perfect so are the many scenarios. The way this author brought out the readers' emotions so effortlessly! When the disbandment performance happened,i felt like i was there attending my idol's last concert,it felt so real and i cried buckets! Then everytime xie yang performed,sang,played violin,played piano throughout the entire story were so ethereal and angelic! All the performances really are top notch and so real and full of sentiments! The way everything were described,there's just something about it that pulls at peoples' heartstrings. I never felt like anything were exaggerated. Everything blended so well!! It's not everyday that i lose track of time being helplessly consumed in a story. There's perfect amount of comedy,thrill,love,romance,heartwarming moments,bondings, savage moments. I just couldn't ask for anything better. And the fact that about xie yang not just taking typical revenge rather than using them for betterment and making the characters turn into a new leaf after slapping them on their guts just feels too satisfying and admirable! He's so badass!so cool!!so perfect and talented!! And how can i not mention qiu xing? That man is such a precious person. I'd give away my everything for him if it was possible. How can a person's soul be so pure and beautiful? I wish i could stuff him in my pocket! His and xie yang's journey to fall in love was so beautiful,peaceful,gentle and understanding. Their respect,trust,dependence,acceptance,support and love for each other are what people call "sometimes home is just a person and love feels like home" and that's what i call " A love so beautiful T^T" and their not so eye catching yet tender and affectionate little,simple interactions really screams Some litttle things called love And all the other characters also won my heart!  How could i not fall in love? And Thank you very much author nim for presenting such an mystifying and angelic and perfect story to us!


The plot and story was good and well written, i really liked the detailed weibo drama, however I'm only giving it a 9 because there were some parts where i didn't understand Xie Yang's motivation for doing a particular action. As for the characters, i really liked them! The dynamic between Ah Xing and Xie Yang was really fun! Qiu Xing is a petty little moth- Ahem! Qiu Xing often complains about Xie Yang asking him for favors, yet when Xie Yang has problems and doesn't ask him for help, he gets angry. He has major mood swings and really need to go to a therapist. Xie Yang has a bit- no, has a big IDGAF attitude, perhaps it's because he survived the apocalypse? They both have a sharp tongue and you can guess they bicker like an old married couple all the time. My first impression was that they both have poor communication and a rocky relationship, but the more chapters i read, you can see that although they argue and give each other the cold treatment when they're pissed off at each other, they understand how much the other cares for them. Anyways, instead of expressing their love for each other through words, they express it through their actions. (P.S. I was really touched when Xie Yang said that Ah Xing had a sharp mouth but a soft heart, He really understands President Qiu! I was afraid he'd go to the route 'He treats me like this, he must hate me' but no! Xie Yang has a knack to piss off people and want to punch him but given the situation, he's smart. When he says something insensitive and make Ah Xing mad, I can't help but think that he really likes it when they argue! Also, I teared up when Ah Xing was in a good mood when Xie Yang said that he relies on himself not Qiu Xing because he was happy that when he's gone, Xie Yang will be independent. Lastly, I can't help but emphasize that they're dynamic is the best part of this novel! I want to say more about how they just make my heart with they're 'constant action of affection that seems mundane but that's what make their dynamic great' but I can't express it with words, so read it! You won't regret!)

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