My Happy Marriage

Alt title: Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon

Vol: 4+; Ch: 32+
2018 - ?
4.221 out of 5 from 646 votes
Rank #752
My Happy Marriage

A browbeaten and mistreated daughter is cast out of her family home and sent to audition as a bridal candidate for the heir to one of the most powerful families in the land. Considered nigh worthless for having failed to inherit the superhuman powers of the bloodlines into which she was born, Miyo Saimori lives her days unwanted and unloved. She is treated as a servant by her half-sister who, unlike Miyo, is blessed with unusual powers, while her step-mother and very own father have little time or love for their eldest daughter. Ultimately seen as nothing more than a nuisance and a drain on the family wealth, Miyo is packed off to the Kudo house as a bridal candidate for its heir, Kyoka Kudo. But whispers abound about the Kudo clan, the most powerful in all the land. Still, will the allegedly cold and cruel house into which Miyo aims to marry prove much warmer than the family she left behind?

Source: Square Enix

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It's very sad (in the beginning) and very sweet. I'll start off by stating my feeling: do you know that feeling when you watch someone constantly degrade themselves and you can't do anything to stop it? It's a frustrating feeling. I get that same feeling while reading this manga. It makes perfect sense that FL thinks of herself as someone horrible because of the neglectful environment she grew up in, and is in fact quite realistic because commonly, people who grew up in such a horrible environment would have low self-esteem. That is absolutely okay, and I understand it's a coping mechanism. Some recap of the storyline (contains spoilers): FL is treated as absolute dirt, and then is married off to a seemingly super cold elite ML. Some misunderstandings happen, then the nice old lady (close to ML since he was a child) communicates between two of them and solves the miscommunication. ML warms up to her as he sees her kindness and gradually learns about her past. FL very slowly grows confidence (yay character development!). That's a very sweet relationship. Then, SPOILERS... Her family falls to ruin. Take that, FL's crappy family! I hate FL's sister and I was satisfied to see the retribution. From the light novel, FL discovers she has the power everyone wants. But all in all, as I read the story, I didn't feel anything much. Just, meh. It felt like the author was just trying to make her suffer as much as possible and then power up everything to be in her favour.  My review is subjective. There are many other great reviews that explain why they liked it, and I suggest you read them (for example, this is a good review: too to form your own opinion on whether you want to read this. I guess for me though, this just didn't click.


All Reviews on Goodreads 3.25 Stars   My Happy Marriage is a Cinderella-inspired story set in Taisho-era Japan, where those who possess magic are prized above the magicless. Our protagonist, Miyo Saimori, failed to inherit the powerful seeing magic her stepsister has. Ever since her mother's death, her stepmother, father, and sister have taken on the job of making her life a living hell. Forcing her to work as a servant, Miyo knows no happiness in her days spent coming to her stepsisters every call. Until she meets her cold fiancé, Kyoka Kudo, who faces her with a passive demeanour. Kyoka's behaviour made a lot of sense. Due to his past history of obnoxious, disrespectful, and rude betrothed, he had expected Miyo to be exactly like them.       It was beautiful to see Kyoka slowly learn the truth about Miyo and show her kindness as his curiosity grew. The parallels to Cinderella were done in a way where Akumi Agitogi took such a well-loved fairytale and made it into her own fresh spin on the story. Miyo has grown up with an extreme inferiority complex. Her pallor lets the reader examine the dullness in her eyes and the joy that has leached out of her facial features. This is a heartwarming story about one girl learning to consider herself an equal while learning to live her life with happiness. The budding romance between Kyoka and Miyo was sweet but, for me at least, not heartstopping, breath-taking, or giggle-worthy.      The romance was slow-burn, but so was the plot. Not a lot happened throughout the plot as it took its time to tread carefully. This series is not available in any of the library catalogues that are in my city, so I got this volume as a gift. I'm unsure whether I will spend money on continuing this series, but that's a thought to ponder at a later time.✅PLOT🆗CHARACTERS🆗PLOT TWISTS

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