My Food Looks Very Cute

Alt titles: My Food Seems to Be Very Cute, Wo De Shiwu Kan Qilai Hen Ke Ai

Ch: 162+
2020 - ?
4.23 out of 5 from 301 votes
Rank #678
My Food Looks Very Cute

A vampire who has been sleeping for nearly two hundred years, Maria is awakened by a passing werewolf girl by a chance, and the moment the coffin is opened, the curse falls on the werewolf girl. The two girls set foot on the journey to the city

Source: BiliBili Comics

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Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Are You Willing to Be my Food?

Chapter 3

The Journey Begins

Chapter 4

Please Use Me

Chapter 5

Would You Like to Play With Dress Up?

Chapter 6

My Story

Chapter 7

It's All in the Past

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At the writing of this review: Manhua status: ongoing | Chapters released: 105 | Chapters read: 105 | Spoilers: No Premise: In this manhua the romantic story will be slightly slow so if you don't particularly like the “Slow-burn romance” genre, don't worry there will be many other aspects and “interesting” moments, especially if you are a fan of supernatural creatures. Story: 8/10 One of the protagonists of this story is Maria, a bi-centennial vampire who decided to seal herself inside her coffin in a cave, to hide from the attacks of other demons; and Xinglan, a wolf girl, who escaped from her village in order to discover the “outside world”. The reason that will push the two to make a couple is Xinglan's search for a travel companion and the strange message left by Maria outside her coffin: "Instructions: I'm high-maintenance, so the person who opens the casket must provide a year's worth of blood for me! ". A strange curse looms and will the two protagonists be able to fit into today's human society? Art: 9/10 The style is clean and full of colors, the drawings are well done and outlined, during the "comic" scenes it becomes very "soft" and "kawaii" to be clear... If you love the "kawaii" style that doesn't clash, this manhua is for you. As an extra, almost at the end of each chapter, there is also a part with the chibi versions of the main characters... What more do you want? Characters: 10/10 Apart from the two protagonists that we will learn about from the beginning, there will be other characters who will enrich the story and who will take a few chapters from time to time to better develop their relationships, but they are all so interesting and well written that they will not make you feel the lack of the main ones. Overall: 9/10 Even if the tones of the series seem very "light" and comical, there is no lack of serious and dramatic moments. The situations are dealt with in such a way as not to weigh too much on the story and give the characters a way to grow and improve. Which I really appreciate a lot in any work. This manhua has kidnapped me since the first chapters. Since it's about two of my favorite genres, I couldn't help but start reading it and it hasn't disappointed me so far. I look forward to every Wednesday with eager anticipation.

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