My Disciples Are All Villains

Alt title: Wo De Tudi Dou Shi Da Fanpai

Ch: 247+
2022 - ?
3.98 out of 5 from 302 votes
Rank #4,571
My Disciples Are All Villains

When Lu Zhou wakes up one morning, he finds himself in a rather prickly situation. He has become the most powerful and the oldest villain in the world. He has nine disciples, each of whom has a full record of misdeeds. His first disciple is the head of the Nether Sect, served by thousands of followers. Known as the Sword Demon, his second disciple kills anyone who displeases him. Having lost his powers, how is he going to discipline his wicked disciples? “I make a clean sweep of all obstacles wherever I go. Nobody can walk all over me except my master,” says Yu Zhenghai, his first disciple. “I can’t rest easy until my master is dead,” says Si Wuya, his seventh disciple.

Source: Qidian

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