My Deepest Secret - Custom lists

My Deepest Secret
  • Ayeshah's Secret
  • Attack on Titan
  • As the Moon Wanes
  • Akame ga Kill!
  • 17-sai. (Youji KAMATA)

Tragedy Manga by Frommidgard

In these type of manga/manhwa/hua, characters go through intense tragic moments. From discovering the darkest truth of their life to going through the death of a loved manga, this list covers all the melancholy and monotonys.**...

  • 100
  • 11 of Me
  • 1 Second
  • 'Til Debt Do Us Part

Daily Pass Manhwa and OEL’s Available On The Webtoon App by GeminiRabbit

Manhwa and OEL’s that are available for daily pass, on the Webtoon app. In this system, you are allowed to read one or two episodes per day, and pay coins if you don’t want to wait. Feel free to give me suggestions!

  • An Uncomfortable Truth
  • Animal X: Genshi Sarai
  • Animal Land
  • Angel no Oka
  • "Kodomo wo Koroshite Kudasai" to Iu Oya-tachi

Animal Deaths in Manga by AnimeJunkee

A trigger warning list of manga that contain scenes with dead animals - excluding cases of animals dying of old age or natural causes. This list was made so that animal lovers know what manga to avoid.

  • 3-Second Strip
  • 1 Second
  • +99 Reinforced Wooden Stick
  • 'Til Debt Do Us Part
  • #Killstagram

Official English manhwa by RoyalOss

A list of officially translated Naver webcomics available (for free!) at Please support the official release!