My Darling Signed In

Alt title: Nae Jaginimi Login Hasyeotseumnida

Ch: 102
2017 - 2019
4.394 out of 5 from 506 votes
Rank #751
My Darling Signed In

Jaehyun may be the composed upperclassman on campus, but he secretly plays the hottest elven diva online with a love of pricey costumes. He meets Eunsung, a handsome first-year with deep pockets guarding his own secrets, at a school event. They connect instantly, but what begins as a sweet challenge becomes a risky game of affection on- and offline!

Source: TappyToon

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-May be spoilers ahead-This is one of my favourites mangas ever like first of all the art style is so beautiful it makes you don't wanna stop reading In conclusion It talks about a nice upperclassman on campus named Jaehyun who is secretly plays a girl elven charecter in an online games who makes the guys fall for him to buy him items that when he meets the super handome rich underclassman called Eunsung at a school event.. they grow closer as friends but now Jaehyun must protect his secret from his new friend and protect his college life ( I tried tell the story with best I can to not spoiler ). To me I liked those two very much and I like the secrets and misunderstanding and such to be revealed at the beging no need to make an unnecessary drama out of nothing I like the charecters be honest and clean and If you want a puppy younger seme X power older uke then read it >//////< Believe me you will fall in love with the charecters: Note to the one who read the manga ( spoilers ahead ) : There are so many people who said that the relationship progressed too quickly ( to me it was fine tho ) and I can't deny it but it is make sense for jaehyun to can't help not being angry at the guy who forced him into relationship cuz he is feeling guilty like super guilty and with his trauma controls him he can't do anything big and then Jaehyun was acting with Eunsung normaly without checkinghis background to him he was different he was special and Jaehyun found the pushy person who he needs the one unlike him the one who can do anything to him and stays by his side it will be abnormal if they didn't look at each other romantically .

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