My Boyfriend's a Love-Zombie: The Pleasure Won't Stop!

Alt title: Watashi no Kare wa Dekiai Zombie: Ittemo Ittemo Owarimasen!

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.513 out of 5 from 42 votes
Rank #25,913
My Boyfriend's a Love-Zombie: The Pleasure Won't Stop!

"You finished so fast. I know all of your sensitive spots, Yuri." Yuri hasn't gotten over the loss of her older ex-boyfriend. On her way home from a mixer, she's hit on by some persistent jerks. A young man comes to her rescue, but is slightly injured in the process. She invites him to her home for some first aid, where he suddenly feels faint and falls into Yuri's arms. That's when the two passionately kiss! They may have just met, but Yuri's into it. She ends up in the throws of pleasure from just a little heavy petting... She's shocked when he tells her his name...! Could this just be a coincidence!?

Source: Renta!

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