My Boy

Alt title: Watashi no Shounen

Vol: 5+; Ch: 27+
2015 - ?
4.477 out of 5 from 82 votes
Rank #266
My Boy

Satoko Tawada, a 30-year-old office worker at a sporting goods company, encounters Mashuu Hayami, a 12-year-old boy, playing soccer in a park at night. She was treated cruelly by a former lover, he is dealing with a high-handed and uninvolved family. Both are burdened with loneliness, and they sense that the other has something that they’re searching for...

Source: Vertical

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sunsoramoon Jul 4, 2018
Score 10/10

Spoiler-free short review Unbelievable good and unique Manga. Art: I really love the cover of ''Watashi no Shounen'' / "My Boy", that's what took my interest in starting to read this Manga first. Overall, Takano Hitomi's artstyle is seriously amazing and beautiful! You don't see that often nowadays. She potrays the feelings of each character with her art style really well!
Furthermore, each page... read more



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