My Boss's Perfect Wedding

Ch: 53+
2023 - ?
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My Boss's Perfect Wedding

"A wedding without a bride?" Taesung Group's president, Mujin Tae, is a workaholic with no interest in women. But one day, he's suddenly been given an ultimatum by his father, the chairman of the company. He must find a bride to walk down the isle with five months later. The one who's been put in charge of finding a bride for Mujin is none other than his secretary, Suyeon Cheon, who's had a secret crush on him for nine years. But when her father, CEO of Gaon, gets into a car accident and falls into a coma, everything changes. Suyeon quits her job and finds herself trying to appease Gaon's stockholders about the disappearance of her older brother, who she believes should take over. But her fate changes when her "god-like" ex-boss shows up at the meeting and recommends her as the acting CEO. Suyeon accepts and decides to learn all she can from "the best," Mujin, to save Gaon. Will her relationship with Mujin be different now that she's a CEO herself? What if she was the bride that Mujin needed in order to make his father happy?

Source: Pocket Comics

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