My Boss Can't Wait For It

Alt title: Joushi wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai

Vol: 4; Ch: 25
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My Boss Can't Wait For It

Everyone in the office may think the "Uncompromising Keisuke Jinpo" is a heart-throbbing lady killer, but I certainly don't think so! I mean, yes he is easy on the eyes, but we don't get along, he's strict, and he's always yelling at me which makes me seriously consider quitting my job... For some reason, just because I was made party host, I got roped into inviting Jinpo to our drinking party, and he even told me he expects that I look out for him at the event (omg, where's your self-responsibility!). As expected, Jinpo gets drunk, I take him home, and that's where things get interesting! He was way different than he's ever been and came at me with a pretty passionate kiss!! I lied... We kissed but I was feeling it a whole lot downstairs too if you know I mean. It felt... so good... What am I getting myself into...?!

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