My Blasted Reincarnated Life

Alt title: Bireomeogeul Hwansaeng

Ch: 81+
2022 - ?
4.264 out of 5 from 2,816 votes
Rank #499
My Blasted Reincarnated Life

When the warrior Hamel sacrifices himself to protect his rival Bermut Lionhart, he makes Bermut vow to vanquish the last of the demon kings. Reincarnated with his memories 300 years later, he is shocked to find that not only are the demon kings still alive, but that he has been reborn as Eugene Lionhart, a member of his former rival’s bloodline! Now, as Eugene comes of age, he must train to prove himself as a Lionhart and eliminate the remaining demon kings once and for all.

Source: Tapas

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Update at Chapter 77: MC has a clear goal now and we can pretty much see how the story will go. MC is OP af, too much in my book. The challenges of his first life are nowhere to be seen. Everything is handed to him. Sure he works hard but that doesn't explain how he comprehend stuff that no one can. I wish there were more challenges in his way, something that forced him to find different ways to improve. Whenever he's stuck we just have a panel of him sitting at a library and a text that says that he spent days there and voilà. And frankly having every single character he comes across admire him and thinking he's the most genius of all irks me. I kinda miss the random young masters who understimate MCs in wuxia manhuas. At least there MC is not automatically considered so good that everyone wants him. The plot is not interesting to me because MC's motivation aren't well explained. The goal is also not that interesting. I find it mid so far and especially since the times skips. We just lose a lot of what could have been good character development. Original: The setting of the story is pretty basic and MC's goal isn't clear. But it starts off pretty well and the execution is well done. I can't say much since my review is written with 20 chapters out. Let's just say that so far it's pretty consistent. The MC is strong and smart. Being reincarnated as a descedent of his friend is an interesting twist but I don't see where it will go from here. He will get strong and then what? Maybe defeat the demon king or something? So for now I'll stay reserved and update my review when more chapters will come out.

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