My 990 Thousand Past Lives Help Me

Alt titles: 990K Ex-Life Hunter, 99 man Jeonsaengi Nal Dowajwo

Ch: 43+
2021 - ?
3.668 out of 5 from 475 votes
Rank #16,966
My 990 Thousand Past Lives Help Me

As an F-Rank hunter, Kang Hyeonjun struggles to make a living in a world where dungeons exist and monsters are real. But after repeatedly failing to pull his weight in raids and being chewed out by fellow party members, his self-esteem hits rock bottom. To make matters worse, his girlfriend, who has climbed the ranks during their time together, dumps him on their one-year anniversary. When Hyeonjun returns home that night in a drunken haze, he finds himself walking into a dreamscape instead of his humble studio. There, a man claiming to be one of his past lives offers to make him stronger. But as the saying goes, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. Will Hyeonjun be able to endure multiple trials and finally obtain the strength he so desperately desires?

Source: Tappytoon

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Firstly id like to state that the premise of the manhwa is great. Rather than directly leveling up via a system of sorts with XP and what not the persons rank is determined by ability and talent. tho it does feel very out of place as skill / talent and technique alone cant suddenly increase power, agility and stamina / mana in such a drastic way but with that minor thing aside.The MC gains hands on experience with his past "990k" lives that are wishing to reincarnate into him. they train him based on situation (usually from being drunk or sleeping) tho can willingly go into the realm in which hes trained in. (Rarely)With this being said. im going to get straight to the base points on whats good and bad with this manhwa so as it doesnt turn into a wall of text[GOOD] - Art is acceptably good in majority of the chapters.[BAD] - The story is unbelievably rushed. So much so that the MC and side characters go from 0-100 in 1-2 chapters (im not even joking) - MC gains power and skills like its the equivelent to eating a box of popcorn. OP skill after OP skill in the span of 1-3 chapters. - Story progression rushed in such an unbelievable way that its not enjoyable at all to read! - Character goes from being scared all the time to power dominante in the span of 10 chapters to then back to scared shitless calling out in desperate plea for yet another excuse of "Powering Up" [TL;DR] To many people that are "Recommending" this compared it to solo leveling, Sorry but if you compare this to SL youre standards are exceptionally low and in no way know how to compare. its a typical reawaken manhwa yes but at this point plenty of these manwha have such things. but in terms of story, progression and pacing. this is just pure and utter crap and is rushed to the point that its defeating the purpose of reading it. there is no A > B > C development, instead its A > Z in the span of a chapter or two!  


Story uniqueness:I'll preface by saying, it's a decent idea. Usually, the main character is the reincarnation however now it's flipped on its head and the main character is meeting the past lives. But it doesn't feel like there's any weight to any of it. Art:Not much to say, it's quite good and shares traits with other currently highly rated stories.Is also getting translated by a decent translation team, even if that has nothing to do with the story itself it's good to have. Characters:The characters are 'alright' and I mean this in a specific way. The characters drives are seemingly well based, and character traits have shown over time however the personality of nearly every character seems forced upon the reader immediately as if every aspect is exaggerated. Spoilery points for the first 5 ish chapters;Plot review:The story is quite good in how it builds the world, and whilst I'm not a fan of how character traits have been introduced (explained later)  the characters themselves are added to the story somewhat naturally, be it through encounters or through foreshadowing only shown to the reader. (although the girlfriend's introduction feels somewhat unnatural and forced, as its an immediate jump cut from the current flashback. At which point she breaks up with mc, and he has very minimal protest for being 12 months into a relationship.)It's stated almost immediately that there are hundreds, if not thousands of past lives possibly even more, and that all of these lives are extremely highly ranked in terms of power. It is then shown that these lives can take over the body of the main character seemingly at a whim. So this basically nullifies any risk towards the main character. Sure there may be a situation where he's lost all hope and the odds are against him, but there's seemingly nothing stopping a past life from emerging and just escaping the situation.  I MUST SAY that as a reader, you learn these past lives are surrounded by specific rules which govern when and how they can possess the main character, and whilst this reintroduces the risk of the main character being harmed, the only thing stopping the past lives from taking control is the other past lives themselves.

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