Musume ja Nakute Mama ga Suki nano!?

Alt title: You Like Me, Not My Daughter?!

Vol: 3+; Ch: 16+
2020 - ?
3.889 out of 5 from 118 votes
Rank #13,048
Musume ja Nakute Mama ga Suki nano!?

When Ayako’s sister died, leaving her young daughter all alone, Ayako stepped up and took the child into her life. Now that her niece/adopted daughter is a teenager, a 30-something Ayako can sense first love in the air. Ayako teases her daughter about Takumi, their handsome and college-aged neighbor, who’s been tutoring her since she was young–could they be a blossoming couple, since he’s always beaming when he comes to their house? To Ayako’s surprise, Takumi isn’t interested in daughter dearest: he’s long had a crush on Ayako herself! In this age gap romantic comedy, one young man is ready to bring a little sugar to the sexy mom next door.

Source: Seven Seas

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