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Alt title: Unemployed Concentration Camp

Mushoku Kyousei Shuuyoujo
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Apr 27, 2023

Bah, where do I even begin? This manga is awful - a total mess. The story starts off promisingly enough, but by chapter 3 it becomes overly convoluted, and any promise it had vanishes completely. It's not interesting in the least, and to make matters worse, there is an excessive amount of text - the amount is only surpassed by Togashi's Level E, I guess. Instead of getting better as the manga progresses, the art actually gets worse and worse, even though it was never good to begin with. Every inanimate thing is a 3D asset placed in the panels and harshly drawn over with a Photoshop filter applied to it. To make matters worse, the artist doesn't understand perspective at all, as the characters (or assets) are never correctly placed in proportion to each other, so in every scene with objects, something is off-size. The very few backgrounds that he tries to draw are wonky as hell. In some scenes, 3D mannequins are obviously used to draw over the characters. All in all, the art is a complete mess, and this artist should be arrested. The characters are all unlikeable, and to make matters worse, the author deemed it necessary to give them lots of pages with lots of text for backstories and flashbacks. Why, oh why? Nobody cared. Overall, this manga is a complete waste of time to read, and you will regret it dearly if you try it.

Why the hell is there an "explicit sex" tag on this? The manga has 29 chapters, but the last one is 180 pages, which makes it at least 36 chapters of 24 pages more or less. Each page has about 4-6 panels, but I am being generous and calculating as if there were only 4 panels per page. If you make the calculations, you will see that the whole manga has about 3,400 panels, and from those, there are no more than 5 panels where you have a very mildly sexual scene and no more than 10 where a naked female appears. That is less than 0.4% of "sex" content. If you go by that logic, then the sky is white...

3/10 story
2/10 art
2/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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