Mushoku Kyousei Shuuyoujo

Alt title: Unemployed Concentration Camp

Vol: 6; Ch: 29
2016 - 2018
3.611 out of 5 from 23 votes
Rank #10,243
Mushoku Kyousei Shuuyoujo

2022: Japan's non-workers regeneration method has been established. A person who does not have income more than six months is subject to a treatment where they rewrite their brain at a regeneration treatment facility. Tatsuya Kamijo was working in a foreign-owned investment company. One day he loses his job, but six months later, Tatsuya is sent to a concentration camp rather than a playback facility. There, he is subjected to worse treatment than brainwashing and training. Why was Tatsuya sent there?

Source: MU

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