Vol: 3; Ch: 24
2013 - 2015
3.362 out of 5 from 202 votes
Rank #33,779

A dark romance story about a high school boy who falls helplessly in love with a beautiful girl who has to eat people to survive.

Source: MU

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In my opinion, this was pretty good🌝 I recommend reading it ...but here's a warning ⚠️ it has "incest, killing, insects" all the things that I don't like💀 so it's about a girl who was born with a disease that would Kill her before she has a chance to leave her teenage years, her father at the time was studying the evolution of insects that were put into a "cage-like-thing" in this "cage" they polluted the insects to see if they would evolve and the insects did indeed evolve and mutated into another insect to survive...🧐🧐 Her father saw this and decided to inject his daughter with insect DNA thinking it would cure his daughter from her illness, which it did... but she also changed😳 You have the ML who is related to this mutated girl... how you ask? her father had a twin brother, but they didn't know that they were twins because they were spilt up as children.. anyway, her father had her.... and her fathers twin, had the ML... so it makes them cousins... but since both of there parents are twins it makes them half siblings ----(I think that's how it works) 🤷🏾‍♀️ So... this insect girl has a goal, it's to carry on her species... but she can't mate with humans because her DNA mutated, which makes her an insect🧐.... but if she had a relative that had she shared DNA with... then and only then would she be able to breed😫 (The synopsis got me thinking it was just a regular high school boy who fell in love with this girl .....but this girl had to kill humans to eat and stuff ...but no) Spoiler alert 🚨 at first she tried to breed with her father since they share DNA 🧬.... but he wouldn't let her her father died some how.. 'the manga didn't show how her dad died' and the ML "her cousin and half brother" came into the picture... You see were I'm going with this, right?🌝 the incest was not it bro, the plot was good tho🤷🏾‍♀️I recommend it if u don't care about the fact that blood relatives got into a romantic relationship... but don't read it if ur like me and don't think incest relationship are right🥲 And remember "this is all my opinion" .... .... It was a good time killer ⚠️🚨but viewer discretion is advised⚠️🚨

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