Mugen Spiral

Vol: 2; Ch: 12
2004 - 2005
4.096 out of 5 from 354 votes
Rank #2,966
Mugen Spiral

Yayoi, a spunky high school girl, has inherited spiritual powers from her mother, and she uses these powers to protect people. During a fight with the devil Ura, Yayoi's power turns the devil into a black kitten. Now, even though Ura doesn't hide his desire to "eat" Yayoi's power when he gets the chance, they develop an interesting relationship: the two begin living together, and Yayoi takes her new feline "friend" on her adventures.

Source: Tokyopop

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NicoNicoDesu's avatar
NicoNicoDesu Aug 22, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Back when Tokyopop was the manifestation of Kami-sama (at least, in my mind), I saw a bunch of advertisements for an interesting manga called "Mugen Spiral." I finally got around to reading the damn thing only recently. Story: The premise sounds really good, if you're a fan of "InuYasha" or shoujo. (And there should be A LOT of people who fit that description). Suzuka Yaoyi is a teenager... read more

babelguppy's avatar
babelguppy Oct 7, 2010
Score 5/10

I loved this manga... what there was of it. I'm not really a shoujo person, and the plot mildly resembled that of Inuyasha, but it could have been much better executed, especially with the characters.Unfortunately, the story just starts to get going when the manga is abruptly cut short.  The end of volume 1 introduces a whole group of interesting supporting characters, villains, backstory and potential... read more



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