Mr. Villain's Day Off

Alt title: Kyuujitsu no Warumono-san

Vol: 5+; Ch: 68+
2018 - ?
4.193 out of 5 from 674 votes
Rank #948
Mr. Villain's Day Off

The mysterious and dastardly man known only as the General within the evil organization plotting to take over the world is one of the top targets of Earth’s defensive unit, the Rangers. But on his precious days off, he’s more likely to be at the local zoo staring at his beloved pandas or trying out new ice cream flavors! Will his secret hobbies be jeopardized forever when his natural enemy—a Ranger hero out to save the Earth—catches him in the act?

Source: Square Enix

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The stock intro: "I am the general of an evil organization whose aim is to annihilate humankind and make this planet ours. I fight every day to achieve this goal. However, today is my day off." I was sorta reminded of Sgt. Frog, in that this manga is portraying aliens who claim to be seeking the conquest and destruction of the Earth, but who seem to spend most of their time relaxing and enjoying trivial things. Whereas Keroro's big thing is Gundam models, our General's big thing is pandas and food items. Fe enjoys when fe finds panda-shaped food, but fe also struggles with not wanting to destroy the cuteness of the panda by eating it. We do see a few other of the pointy-eared aliens from the evil organization, but for the most part the story follows the General. We also have been introduced to several of the Rangers, who live in a communal home and patrol the streets. The directionally-challenged Red has run into the General a few times on feir days off, but is always told that they should call a ceasefire until the General is back in work mode. I really like Red's hair. I also really like Pink's hair...and the General's hair. Pink is another Ranger; feir defining character trait is that fe wishes fe could be a Magical Girl instead. There are also two child twins who are associated with the Rangers, though I don't know if they're members or not. And we've seen Blue and heard about Black, but they haven't been fleshed out as characters yet. We see the General go to the zoo, and the park, and other areas and admire nature. Fe also gets along pretty well with some of the children fe meets, and has a bit of an internal tension where fe begins hoping for their wellbeing but also knows that they won't make it to adulthood if fe succeeds in destroying humanity. There are also a few encounters with the supernatural--with tree spirits and with Santa. It's a lighthearted and cute manga. And the artwork is very pleasant and attractive. [Reviewed at chapter 29]  

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