Moto Yakuza ga BL Sakka ni Nattarashii

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
2018 - 2019
3.871 out of 5 from 233 votes
Rank #8,694
Moto Yakuza ga BL Sakka ni Nattarashii

A fearless Yakuza named Sudou decides to leave his life of crime when he finds out his clan is disbanding. However, his strong sense of justice and huge tattoos intefere with this goal, and he struggles to keep any job he finds. That is, until an ex-underling gives him the idea to start writing manga. After becoming a big hit on social media, a company scouts him, and he... somehow ends up working in the BL department?! Because this ex-Yakuza doesn't know the first thing about BL, a cool-headed, sadistic editor starts to coach him — thus beginning a tough, hands-on training regime...

Source: MU

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