Moto Kouzou Kaiseki Kenkyuusha no Isekai Boukentan

Alt title: Adventures of a Former Structural Analyst

Vol: 3+; Ch: 28+
2018 - ?
3.812 out of 5 from 73 votes
Rank #7,901
Moto Kouzou Kaiseki Kenkyuusha no Isekai Boukentan

Kaoru Mochimizu, a 30-year-old female research scientist who studied the three-dimensional structure of everything. However, one day, she died in an earthquake and met a goddess. Having covered for her kouhai during the earthquake, she was allowed to reincarnate in another world with two skils. Kaoru Mochimizu is now Charlotte Elbaran, the eldest daughter of a Duke in the Kingdom of Elida, on Planet Garland. With memories of her past life, and taking advantage of the skills "Structural Analysis" and "Structural Editing", she will live a good life.

Source: MU

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