Moto Kouzou Kaiseki Kenkyuusha no Isekai Boukentan

Alt title: Adventures of a Former Structural Analyst

Vol: 6; Ch: 42
2018 - 2021
3.524 out of 5 from 347 votes
Rank #28,265
Moto Kouzou Kaiseki Kenkyuusha no Isekai Boukentan

Kaoru Mochimizu, a 30-year-old female research scientist who studied the three-dimensional structure of everything. However, one day, she died in an earthquake and met a goddess. Having covered for her kouhai during the earthquake, she was allowed to reincarnate in another world with two skills. Kaoru Mochimizu is now Charlotte Elbaran, the eldest daughter of a Duke in the Kingdom of Elida, on Planet Garland. With memories of her past life, and taking advantage of the skills "Structural Analysis" and "Structural Editing", she will live a good life.

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A science nerd dies and asks the goddess for the skills: structural analysis and structural editing.  Those skills don’t exist, so the goddess (who is NOT a scientist) tries her best and makes up new skills.  What?  Could possibly!?  Go wrong!?!  So yeah, she’s pretty instantly OP so there is that.  Otherwise: it’s an isekai, that’s what you’re here for and that’s what you get, but there’s nothing really special here.  It’s incredibly forced and rushed in the first chapter, skipping around from 15 years after the main character died in our world to the main character’s death as remembered by side characters to the main character being reincarnated to her at ages 0, 3, and 5 all crammed together, but after the second chapter or so it starts to pick up.  Then there’s more time skipping because the author has an aversion to letting you read about her childhood, but yeah.  It does get a little better- goes from garbage isekai to average isekai.    The story tries to give heavy handed hints at ‘there’s a mystery’ and ‘there is more to the story than you know’ but it isn’t interesting enough for you to really care.  It’s pretty obvious who is ‘a bad guy’ and who is ‘hiding something’ but you don’t really care because the main character is so overpowered it doesn’t matter.  The characters are shown, but even if they’re named, you don’t remember them (I literally only remember the main character’s name, Charlotte) and their personalities are all just placeholder personalities.  They exist, but only as foils for the main character.  Backround NPCs.  Mom character, Dad character, Priest character, Soldier 1, Soldier 2.  The art is a solid average for what’s expected of cookie cutter standard manga art nowadays, they’re lazy on a lot of the backgrounds and some panels are more ‘lazy shading’ than ‘actual screentones’ but it’s just average.  

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