Morning, from an Immature Night

Ch: 10
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Morning, from an Immature Night

Popular college student, Seungjae Lee's got it all, when it comes to wealth, connections, physique, but everytime he spends a night with a girlfriend, he immediately gets dumped. After one of these break ups, Seungjae spends the night drinking and on his way home runs into and catches up with Eusung Kim, a friend from high school. Seungjae drunk-confesses all of his problems and Eusung convinces him to re-enact everything that he tried with his previous girlfriends, causing the two to end up having sex. The next day, Seungjae realizes he did something crazy yet asks how last night was. Eusung replies, “I don't know, maybe I'll know if you show me one more time,” tempting Jaeyoon again. Can Jaeyoon stay friends like old times while still having sex with Eusung? But unexpectedly, Eusung has a secret to reveal, but it's become a shade...?

Source: Copin Comics

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