Moon and Sunflower

Alt title: Tsukio to Himawari

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Moon and Sunflower

Asahi-kun is a carefree junior-high student, never attaching to girls even though he enjoys going with them. But when the school's number 1 honor student Mitsuki "cyborg" Konno asked him to a 1-month date, in exchange for the front row ticket to his favorite singer's concert, he was forced to accept. He only has to show her what it feels like to date, right? He is ready for that...however, what he's not prepared for was his heart's reaction...

Source: MU

Extra chapter from Faster Than a Kiss volume 1.

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nathandouglasdavis Jun 7, 2019
Score 6/10

We have Akai Asahi, who has the lowest grades in the school and is traditionally attractive and emotionally bursting. And we have Konno Mitsuki, who has the highest grades in the school and is frumpy and cyborgial. These extreme opposites are what create interest in the couple since it's two people you wouldn't normally expect to be together (even though the relationship is based on her bribing him to... read more


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